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Conference Report: "New Political Challenges for Germany, Turkey and the EU 2019 VI"

In this year's joint conference of the University of Cologne and the Turkish - German University academics, students and professionals came together to discuss political challenges for Germany, Turkey and the European Union. The conference took place at the Turkish - German University in Istanbul on May 3rd. 
Keynote speaker Martin Erdmann, German ambassador in Turkey, gave an assessment of Euro – Atlanticism and of the current balance of power in the international order, while Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Faruk Kaymakci evaluated chances of an accession of Turkey to the European Union in his keynote speech.
During three academic panels, the speakers discussed past, current and future trends in EU - Germany - Turkey relations as well as latest trends and impact of migration and diaspora policy on EU - Turkey relations and current trends in world politics by reflecting on EU - Turkey relations.

The panels were partly organized in cooperation with the projects TRIANGLE and MONTEUS.