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Call for papers: VIADUCT Research Award

Deadline for nominations: 15 September 2020

VIADUCT is awarding excellent research in the field of EU-Turkey relations. 

The award is given to recognise outstanding research in the fields of EU-Turkey relations. This may include research in the thematic dimensions of this relationship (politics, security, energy, economic, migration and identity) across all levels of analysis (EU, Turkey, the neigbourhood, global context). Research should contribute to an understanding of the future of EU-Turkey relations.


Research excellence comes in many forms and may include, but are not limited to:

i) papers and studies, both published and yet not published,

ii) publicly accessible databases,

iii) any other form of innovative research not mentioned above but worth to be nominated in your opinion.


The intention is to reach out beyond the VIADUCT Network and spread best practice in the field wherever it is investigated from Vancouver to Vladivostok. Nominations and self-nominations are welcome from researchers beyond the VIADUCT network. The award of  1.500 Euro will be made at the VIADUCT online conference on 22-23 October 2020.

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