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'Leitbilder' for the European Union after Enlargement: Fragmentation, Continuity or Reinvention?

The central aim of the project is answering the question whether and if so how the spectrum of euro-political 'Leitbilder' jas been changed by the enlargement of the European Union in May 2004. It is analysed wether there are tendencies of fragmentation, continuity or reformulation. A second aim is to create a network of researchers and research activities in old and new member states.


Project partners: Institut für Europäische Politik, Berlin (coordinator), Jean Monnet Chair Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wessels University of Cologne, Charles University Prague, Research Center of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Bratislava, Corvinius University of Budapest, European Center Natolin, Warsaw


Time period: July 2005 - October 2007


Funding organisation: Volkswagen Foundation