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Jean Monnet Chair for Turkey and European Union Studies (MONTEUS)


Considering the new phase in EU-Turkey relations since autumn 2015, the reason of MONTEUS is to promote research-based teaching with a focus on this increasingly important subject. MONTEUS answers the need for high-quality courses and publications on EU-Turkey relations and for mentoring promising academics in research and teaching.

MONTEUS’ main output is its researched-based teaching EU-Turkey relations in German and English. It covers six dimensions: migration, energy, human rights, foreign and security policy, historical narratives and evolving institutional architecture. It envisages:

  • 6 new BA and MA seminars on these crucial topics, including parliamentary style debates as key pedagogical strategies, based on the research output of the Horizon2020 project on EU-Turkey;
  • 6 PhD courses to promote young academics’ research capacity;
  • 3 courses at the Turkish German University to reach out to a target group not yet involved in EU studies;
  • 6 public lectures to foster public debate on EU-Turkey relations;
  • 1 conference panel on EU-Turkey relations.

The activities are complemented by academic online offers (e.g. 6 dossiers, multilingual quiz game, best practice handbook) and publications spreading information on EU-Turkey relations beyond the project´s lifetime.

MONTEUS provides an academic added value to excellence in teaching EU studies by linking research with interactive teaching methods, thereby fostering students’ academic and soft skills. MONTEUS enhances the visibility of EU-Turkey topics and creates synergies by opening courses to students from different disciplines, by holding public lectures and through its set of online and printed publications. MONTEUS fosters the engagement of seven early stage researchers: It offers co-teaching experience and mentoring by the experienced chair holder and encourages them to contribute with publications to the academic discourse.

By now, two public lectures were held: "Bridge over troubled waters – A New Research and Teaching Agenda on the EU and Turkey-EU Relations" gathered experts from academia, practitioners, students and civil society. The event was followed by a poster exhibition and small reception to allow a continuation of the lively discussions. "Narratives and Perceptions on EU-Turkey Relations – A Differentiated Future?" was likewise open to the public and fostered the public debate on the topical issue. Three panels gave room to in-depth analysis of topics as the different national perceptions of EU-Turkey relations in different EU member states.

For further information on MONTEUS' Public Lectures:

For further information on MONTEUS' Courses (Fall Term 2017/18):

For further information visist the MONTEUS' website or contact the project manager Alina Thieme