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funded by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation

THESEUS – establishing a European society

THESEUS is a European network of thinkers and actors. THESEUS aims at fostering an open and constructive dialogue about the future challenges of Europe between academia and politics as well as between generations. Its purpose is to establish a European interdisciplinary and cross-generational network and to enhance the mutual understanding of societies in Europe through various activities: seminars for young leaders, THESEUS conferences, visiting professorships and the remittal of two research awards for outstanding and promising research on European integration. The project is a joint activity of Sciences Po Paris, the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Cologne, the Trans European Policy Studies Association (Brussels) and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (Cologne).

Project Review, 2007-2016

For more information please visit the THESEUS website or find THESEUS on Facebook.